Do I need an international license to drive in Peru?

No, according to Peruvian law you can drive with the driver's license of your country of origin for up to 6 months from your entry into the country.

Can I travel outside of Lima with the rented car?

There are a few small exceptions but yes you can. By renting a car or SUV from Budget, you become the temporary owner of the vehicle and can travel freely. Of course, if you are going to travel to an area where the road is not paved, then you must rent a 4x4 truck.

Important: vehicles of Groups M / A (Kia Picanto) are only for use within Lima City since these vehicles have a small engine not recommended for road trips.

Can I leave Peru with the car I rented from Budget?

Unfortunately it is not possible to travel outside of Peru with a rented car.

Do I have to pay IGV (sales tax) when I rent a car in Peru If I am a foreigner?

Yes, even if you are a foreigner tourist you have to pay IGV (sales tax) when renting a car in Peru.

Do I have to give or present something in guarantee for the rented car?

You don’t need to give anything , however we do consult the brand of your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) for an amount which varies according to the vehicle you are interested in rent. This amount is retained as a hold (is not a charge) and at the time of the vehicle return we ask them to release it.

Which are the guarantee hold amounts requested over my credit card?

For the updated chart, please see the Guarantee section at the Terms & Conditions page.

Can I give you my brand new car so you can rent it?

Thank you for your interest in Budget, however we work only with our own fleet.

Can I return the rented vehicle in another city (Drop-off Service)?

You can return your vehicle in another city like Arequipa or Cusco if required. The Drop-off Service must be coordinated and accepted in advance, please contact a customer service representative to know the drop-off fee and to confirm the availability.

Which are the rental requirements?

To rent a car you will need:

  • To be at least 21 years old.
  • Passport or Peruvian Foreign Resident Card.
  • A valid driver license with at least 1 year since issued.
  • A valid Credit Card to guarantee the rental.