Lease a car or a whole SUV fleet with Budget Car Rental Peru

We not only supply a daily rental but also for years with our leasing program. In addition, of course there are many advantages when you ask for long-term rental with Budget:

In Peru, your rented vehicle is subject to income tax deduction.

It will let your avoid investing in assets that aren’t part of your core business.

All your human resources, controls, cash flow, and facilities will only be oriented into your business.

You can rent a fleet of cars and/or SUVs.

Our system does not ask for an additional surcharge for a preventive or corrective maintenance like in a traditional leasing service.

There is no need for anyone in you network to be worried about the maintenance of your fleet.

You will get a replacement vehicle if necessary.

Your fleet will not stop, and that also goes for your work force.

24 hours service, always available if you need us.


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