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Rental Requirements
• To be at least 21 years old. (Please read the Underage Drivers conditions)
• Passport or Peruvian Foreign Resident Card.
• A valid driver license with at least 1 year since issued.
• A valid Credit Card to guarantee the rental with a credit line that let Budget put a hold on it according to the model and type of the vehicle.
• Accept the Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions, the ones included in www.budgetperu.com and the corresponding for each promotion if applicable.

Note: As a requirement by Visa, Master Card, Diners, American Express and Discovery, a minimum amount of the whole rental shall be charged to the credit card due to Traffic Fines procedures.

The car rental service offered by Budget Peru is for a private use only, and is not authorized for the public transportation of people or goods.

In order to guarantee the rental, Budget Car Rental Perú will contact the client's credit-card brand: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express or Discovery and will request for a hold of a fraction of the client's credit line.

Once the vehicle is returned, Budget Perú will immediately ask the client's credit-card brand to free the hold amount requested at the vehicle pick-up. The bank that issued the client's credit card is the responsible to process the last operation so you could see the guarantee amount back in your credit card balance.

These minimun guarantees amounts can be increased by a 30% due to the client destination, or up to the total rental amount.

Group Reference Make & Model Minimun guarantee
A, M Kia Picanto, Hyundai I10 S/. 2,000
B, C, D, O, K Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki SX4, Nissan Versa S/. 3,000
G, G2, E, J Toyota Corolla, Kia Cerato, Suzuki APV, Suzuki Grand Vitara S/. 4,000
H, XA, XB, I, F, N Toyota Camry, Mini Cooper, Smart, Hyundai H1, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Hilux S/. 5,000
L Toyota Prado Land Cruiser, Kia Sorento S/. 6,000
XH, XG Audi A4, BMW 316i S/. 7,000

Additional Driver
The vehicle can only be driven by:
• The renter with driver’s license and the spouse without any additional charge.
• The owner of the Credit Card responsible of the Rental Agreement (without driver’s license) can delegate the driving to another person that must be stated on the Rental Agreement under his responsibility without any additional charge.
• Any additional driver must present a driver's license with 1 year since issued.
• Any additional driver that has been stated on the Rental Agreement and is not considered under the previous statements will be charged US$ 4.72 or S/. 15.81 per day.

Underage Drivers
Renters with less than 21 years that qualify for the rest of the rental requirements can be accepted for a Rental Agreement by accepting an additional charge of US$ 23.60 or S/. 76 per day. This charge also applies for additional drivers with at least 18 years but under 21 years.


• Make your online reservations with 1 hour advance booking (may change according to season). However if you book you reservation out of work hours (Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 18:00, Saturdays 9:00 to 16:00), even if your reservation if for an airport location, your vehicle may not be ready on time. If you need your vehicle as soon as possible we suggest you to contact your rental location to confirm availability.
• During the most important holidays of the year (Easter/Holy Week, National Holidays, Christmas and New Year) it may be necessary that a customer service representative confirm your reservation.
• Pick-up the vehicle in the place, date and time as agreed with the Customer Service Representative.
• Mentioning your flight number in your reservation, will guarantee your vehicle if a delay occurs. However if the flight arrives, and there is no sign of the client, the reservation would turn into a “No Show”.
• Provide any additional information to the Customer Service Representative as requested.
• The vehicles are quoted, reserved and managed by their Car Group and not by make, model or color.
• If the client do not show up within 30 minutes of the pickup time we will consider the client a "no call / no show" and the reservation may be cancelled.

Holidays Service Hours
Take for granted that there will be always a person ready to assist you 24/7, however there are some holidays that our service hours is limited at the off-airport locations.

The following dates Miraflores, Barranco, San Borja and Surco will be open only from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm:

- Holy Thursday
- July 28th
- December 24th
- December 31st

The following dates only our Jorge Chávez Airport location will be open, all of our off-airport locations: Miraflores, Barranco, San Borja and Surco will be closed:

- Good Friday
- July 29th
- December 25th
- January 1st

Please contact us for information about any other holiday service hours for our off-airport locations.

• Rates are displayed with Peruvian Tax (IGV 18%); however, the amounts expressed at steps 2 and 3 are not the Final Price, in order to obtain the Final Price (or Rate) you must make a quotation (step 4).
• The reservations guarantees a rate, otherwise changes may take place without any prior notice.
• Rates include 260km for free use per day. Please ask for the additional kilometer rate.
• At your return, a grace period of 59 minutes is given, provided that these 59 minutes are within the rental location working hours. After that period, you must pay an extra charge for every additional hour. Starting the third hour in excess, a full day of rental must be charged. The whole amount of the hired protections will be charged right from the first additional hour.
• Technical bugs in the reservation module are considered as non-compromise errors. Budget Peru reserves the rights to modify or cancel those reservations in case a loss may arise against the renter and/or Budget Peru. Any modification due to a technical bug will be done with the best rate available according to the original reservation to benefit the client.

Airport Fee
Due to regulations from Lima Airport Partners (LAP), the rentals on locations at "Jorge Chávez" Airport are subject to an Airport Fee of 15%.

About your Prepaid Reservation
• The prepayment of a reservation must be made with 3 business days in advance.
• The name on the reservation must be the same as the credit card holder that will be used for the prepayment.
• We only accept prepayments with credit cards, prepaid reservations made with a debit card will be canceled and the prepaid amount will be refunded under our refund policies.
• The prepayment of a reservation in budgetperu.com is a real time online transaction, therefore the prepayment amount will be charged immediately on your credit card when you confirm to prepay it.
• After the prepayment confirmation, the credit card used in the transaction can´t be changed.
The rate in budgetperu.com is stated in Peruvian Soles (PEN) and US dollars (USD), the charges being made by Budget Perú (Chocavento SA) are in Soles (PEN), the exchange rate conversion, if applicable, will be issued by the bank of the credit card holder. Budget Peru does not make any refunds due to differences in the exchange rate used.
• All of our locations allow prepayments from budgetperu.com, however Budget Peru reserves the right to partially interrupt the prepayment system for one or all locations or not make it available for a specific vehicle group.
• Prepaid reservations can´t be combined with other promotions or benefits.
• Budget Peru reserves the right to cancel prepaid reservations due to errors in the system, in case they do not reflect the correct calculation of the rate of the selected vehicle or optional products.

Pick up of your Prepaid Reserved Vehicle
• You must provide the same credit card that was used to pay for the reservation, your passport (foreigners) or alien card (“Carné de Extranjería”) if you are a foreign resident in Peru, and your driver´s license. All your documents must coincide with the name on your prepaid reservation.
• The same guarantee requirements for non-prepaid reservations applies to prepaid reservations. Please read the Guarantee terms and the table with the Guarantee Amounts from the Terms & Conditions. Please remember that the corresponding Guarantee Amount will not be available as a balance for your use. If you wish, you can provide a second credit card to cover the guarantee.
• At the vehicle’s return we will ask for the release of your guarantee, please consider that it is your issuing bank that processes the release of the guarantee in their respective times.
• Due to security concerns, if you can’t meet the Rental Requirements, we won’t be able to provide you the rental car you reserved with the prepayment. To request a refund of your prepayment, input your reservation code at budgetperu.com and cancel it, this will generate a refund procedure of the prepayment. Please refer to Canceling a Prepaid Reservation terms and policies.

Making changes to a Prepaid Reservation
• Before the date and time of the vehicle’s pick up schedule, you can make changes to your reservation at budgetperu.com. After the scheduled pick up date, you must visit a Budget Peru location for any changes in your reservation.
After picking up your vehicle, any change to your rental must be coordinated with your rental location.
• The method of prepayment and the name in the reservation can’t be changed.
• If your changes affect the total rental amount the prepayment will not be altered: a) Pending charges will be paid at the pick-up location; b) Overpayment refunds will be processed back to the same credit card in about 05 business days after the vehicle’s return. Please consider that your bank may take additional days to process this request and reflect the refund on your credit card balance. The return location won’t be able to make any refunds and we do not make cash refunds.
• We do not guarantee that your prepaid daily rate will stay the same if you choose to change the vehicle’s category in your reservation, if you shorten or extend your rental, if you change the location or if you make any modification that directly affects the vehicle´s rate. However, your prepaid daily rate will be the same if you decide to make modifications not related to the vehicle’s rate like adding protections or additional options.
• If at the vehicle's pick up you decide to voluntarily change the category, this modification will be done with the current daily rate.
• During your rental, if you decide to keep the vehicle few more days and a customer service representative from Budget Peru confirms that availability, the same prepaid rental rate will be used for the additional days.

Canceling a Prepaid Reservation
•  Before the pickup date and up to 2 hours before your scheduled rental hour, you will be able to cancel without penalty and request a full refund displaying your reservation at budgetperu.com and selecting the Cancel option, this will activate a refund procedure. We will review it and request the refund within the next 5 business days. Please consider that your bank may take additional days to process this request and reflect the refund on your credit card balance.
•  Every refund will be made to the same credit card that was used to make the prepayment.
•  A US$ 20 refund fee will be applied if you choose to cancel your prepaid reservation with less than 02 hours before the pickup time or if you cancel it after the pickup time.
•  The US$ 20 refund fee will be considered if the renter fails to meet the Terms & Conditions at the vehicle´s pickup or if it´s a No Show.

Prepaid Reservation No Show
• Your prepaid reservation will stay active for up to 60 minutes, after this period Budget can’t guarantee the availability of your reserved vehicle.
• After 60 minutes, your reservation will be considered as a No Show; therefore the Cancelation policies will be applied.

Intercity Airport Charge
Rentals form Barranco, Miraflores, San Borja and Surco locations, will have and additional charge of US$ 15 or S/. 50.25, if the client decides to return the rented vehicle at the “Jorge Chávez” International Airport location.

Vehicle return on Sundays
Rentals from off-airport locations that require to return the rented vehicle at the Barranco’s location on Sundays, will have an additional charge of US$ 15 or S/. 50.25 per rental.

Express Rental Agreement Documents
If you changed your return location within the last 24 hours and you wish to have your Rental Agreement Documents ready when you return the rented vehicle, you can ask for this service with a single payment of US$ 11.80 or S/. 39.53 for delivery costs. This service can only be hired with at least 3 hours prior the return time.

Coverage - General Conditions
Protections have been developed for your own peace of mind. If you decline them, you are responsible to refund the whole value of the vehicle. In order for the coverage to apply, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

a) Inform the accident to the Police at once;
b) Inform Budget immediately;
c) Submit in less than 24 hours from the time of the accident the Police Report, Alcohol Test and Police Evaluation of Damages. These documents must not state:

   1. Intoxication
   2. Speeding
   3. Collision against fixed objects
   4. Violation of the Rental Agreement or infringements to any transit or Peruvian Law.

Collision Damage Waiver - CDW
If you accept this protection, you will decrease your monetary responsibility whenever a repair cost may arise from accidental damage to the rented vehicle caused by collision or if the rented vehicle is stolen in Peru. You will be responsible only for a Deductible (US$ 1,200); any financial responsibility over that Deductible will be covered by Budget Car Rental Peru, Chocavento S.A. However, if you decline our CDW Protection, you will be responsible for the whole damage cost or up to the commercial value of the vehicle, whichever applies.

Personal Accidents - PAI
Renter, valid additional drivers and passengers (up to the passengers/seats limit stated at the vehicle title) will be protected up to US$ 20,000 for accidental death or permanent disability (according to chart) and up to US$ 4,000 for medical expenses due to a car accident while in the rented vehicle.

Supplemental Liability - SLI
Whenever you or the valid additional driver incurs in third party liability while driving the rented vehicle, Budget – CHOCAVENTO S.A. will provide you with Third Party Protection up to US$ 500,000 and up to US$ 20,000 for protection against passenger claims (up to the passengers/seats limit stated at the vehicle title).

Combo: CDW, Dents, Scratches & Emblems
If you accept this protection package you will obtain:
• Collision Damage Waiver Protection with a Deductible of US$ 1,200
• 100% protection against small damages inflicted to the rented vehicle’s bodywork and/or paintwork (small dents and scratches) due to vandalism or third party bad faith actions,
• Car emblems theft protection.

Collision against fixed objects or parked vehicles is not covered by this protection; likewise, it does not cover against damages to the bodywork and paintwork made by careless use of the vehicle or driver’s bad faith actions.

Super CDW
This is a FULL VEHICLE COVER which includes all the benefits of the Combo Protection (CDW, Dents, Scratches & Emblems Protection) and you will also be relieve from the Deductible payment whenever a repair cost may arise from accidental damage to the rented vehicle caused by Collision or if the rented vehicle is stolen. You will be protected against car accessories theft and damaged or stolen windshield and glass windows as well.

Covered accessories:
1. Car audio.
2. Speakers.
3. Spare tire and rim.
4. Jack.
5. Lug Wrench.
6. Rear view mirrors (just glasses, not the whole mounting base).
7. Ignition Key.
8. Alarm’s remote control.
9. Alarm system.
10. Windshield wipers.
11. Loss or damaged wheel covers.
12. Vehicle title loss.

About the Content
The content inside Budget Car Rental Peru website (server code, user code, text, graphic elements and all that is used and showed in this website) is considered to be under a constant revision (even this document); therefore Chocavento S.A. cannot guarantee it's inalterability. Chocavento reserves the right to change, increase or delete it at will. Chocavento S.A. also reserves the right to check, modify and/or cancel the reservations that due to this alteration might commit a detriment to our clients and the company. The amounts expressed on this document have a reference exchange rate of 3.35; please ask for the actual exchange rates.


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